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Welcome to In Writing. I have recently started a new hobby that I enjoy very much, wood turning. After I acquired a wood turning lathe I started looking at different projects that I thought would interest me. While reading many books and magazines on this subject the one thing that always caught my attention was hand turned pens and pencils. I was very intrigued by this concept, taking a block of exotic wood, a piece of bizarre acrylic, or even an antler shed, and turning it into a beautiful work of art and unique writing instrument. I am confident that you, like all others, who have held, examined, and used these pens will be amazed at their unique beauty.

Although my specialty will be pens and pencils, I will also list other unique items such as wine bottle stoppers, cork screws, cigar punches, wild game calls, and salt & pepper shakers. Who knows what may be next? So, if you want to treat yourself or someone else to a special, unique, one of a kind gift, be sure to visit my store often. New items will be added as they become available. If you would like to design your own pen or pencil please contact me at: . With the availability of the different styles and finishes of pens, and pen blanks, the possibilities are almost endless.

I am committed to making quality products. If I cannot be proud of my work, I cannot offer it for sale.

I hope you will enjoy browsing my store as much as I enjoy making these products for you.

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